Hey, the name's Catitia. I'm an amateur model. Sometimes, I post slightly provocative selfies on my blog. I love video games, and I'm an artist. Mass Effect? Skyrim? BioShock? Yes please.

Entertain me by leaving me an ask with your attempt at pronouncing my name, would you kindly?


jaegercraven asked
Purple and Green ^.^
  • Purple: 10 facts about my room

- My ceiling/walls are absolutely filled with my neon monsters. There’s hardly empty wall space at this point. 

- It’s moderately large.

- It’s always clean.

- I have a multitude of Gorillaz posters. 

- It’s filled with video games. 

- I have a massive mirror in my room that weighs a fuckton.

- My closet doors are pretty damn tall.

- I have a lock on my door that basically saves my life on a daily basis. LOL.

- I have a cat house. 

- I have two broken Xbox 360s in the corner that I greatly enjoy taking apart. 

  • Green: 8 facts about my body

- I have long nails that I’ve sharpened into points. 

- I have a bump on my nose that I got from running into a fucking pole. LOL.

- I’m a tall ass bitch. About 5’8”.

- My second toe is longer than my big toe. (Yeah, it’s weird. Lolol.)

- I have zero piercings. Not even on my ears. Or tattoos. 

- I have lordosis. It basically makes my lower spine curve, making my ass stick out a bit. I used to get bullied relentlessly for it in elementary school for it, when it looked a little unnatural. Haha. 

- I don’t have a gag reflex.

- I have a really long tongue.